By far the most popular FREE browser today is Netscape. Yes Netscape is REALLY FREE now. Get it now at:

Not all of these browsers are free,

but most are or soon will be. 
Agora 0.8b 
Email based web browsing! 
Amaya 1.1c 
W3C's browser and WYSIWYG editor for experimenting and emonstrating new web protocols and standards.
Arachne 1.20b7 
DOS based shareware web browser.
Arena 0.3.54 
W3C's prototype web browser - now maintained by Yggdrasil Computing.
Cello 1.01a 
Cornell Web browser.

Chimera 2.0a 
Web browser written in X - recently completely re-written.

Emacs WWW Mode 4.0 
Web browsing mode for the Emacs editors.

(Mac,NeXT,Unix,Windows,Windows NT) 
Grail 0.3 
Browser written in Python/Tk.

HotJava 1.1 
Sun's 100% Pure Java web browser.

(SPARC,Windows 95/NT) 
Internet Explorer 4.01 
Microsoft's free web browser.

(Windows 95/NT) 
Line Mode Browser 5.0a 
W3C's test browser distributed with libwww.
Lynx 2.7 
Terminal based web browser.
MacWeb 2.0 (MacOS) 
The browser of choice for older Macs...will run on a Mac with 4Mb RAM! 
Freeware. An Instruction Manual for "webifying" older Macs is also available. 
MMM 0.41 
Browser implemented in Objective Caml using the CamlTk4l library.
mMosaic 3.2.3 
Freeware derivative of NCSA Mosaic 2.7b4 for X which includes Java.
Multilingual Mosaic 1.0e 
Commercial descendent of Mosaic with evaluation copy available.

NCSA Mosaic 2.7b5 For X 
The original web browser - no longer maintained.

NCSA Mosaic 3.0b4 For Mac 
The original web browser - no longer maintained.

NCSA Mosaic 3.0 For Windows 
Current Windows version of mosaic - still under development!

(Windows 95/NT) 
Netscape Communicator 4.04 
Netscape's fully featured web browser.

OmniWeb 3b4 
Web browser for NeXTStep machines 
Opera 3.0 
Commercial web browser with customisable interface and keyboard control.

(Windows 3.1/95/NT) 
Oracle PowerBrowser 1.5.04 
Oracle's web browser with built-in database access and Java.

(Windows 3.1/95/NT) 
pwWebSpeak 1.2 
A speaking web browser built with the visually disabled in mind.

(Windows 3.1/95) 
Quarterdeck Mosaic 2.0 
Commercial version of NCSA Mosaic.

SpiderWoman 0.15 
Plume 1.0a1 
Tk/Tcl browser with applets.

tkWWW 0.12 
Browser/editor written in Tcl/Tk 
WebDisc 1.0b 
Offline HTML browser.

(Windows 3.1/95/NT) 
WebExplorer 1.1h 
IBM's secure and non-secure web browser for OS2.


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